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Real Estate iPhone/Android App


Publish an iPhone/Android Real Estate App

for Your Own Brand!

Professional Real Estate App

iPhone & Android

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  • Use the Power of Smart-phones to Present Your Business!
  • Be in the right place and right time, with this state of the art technology!
  • Have Your Listings at Everyone's Fingertips -Everywhere- on Their Smart-phones
  • There are about two billion smart phones in use in the world!
  • More than 100 Billions app downloads in 2014!

Your Customized Brand App:

  1. Be a big player in the market! Big players have their own native app in the Google Play and iTunes App Store! Join them today!
  2. Your logo on the app will create powerful branding. You will visible every time they check their apps, and top of mind when they need a Realtor!
  3. Your own introduction, on the app's loading page (instead of your logo in the above example).
  4. Your name will be published on Google Play and Apple's iTunes app store
  5. You will have a control panel to control your app, change the color, logo and app’s administrator settings from the admin panel of your website.
  6. Automatically sync/connect to your website just by downloading the app.
  7. Detect mobile users and invite them to download the app from related app store.
Professional Real Estate App

The iPhone/Android App for Real Estate websites allows your clients to:

  1. Browse your properties with lightning speed and powerful search options:
    1. Cluster Map Search
    2. Search Around You (Location detector system)
    3. Draw Search Area on the Map
    4. Radius search
    5. Normal Search
    6. Location map search based on Google locations
  2. Save different searches for future reference
  3. Create a favorite list of properties
  4. Find the shortest route from your location(or any entered location) to the location of properties (Direction to Property System)
  5. Directly call, send email or SMS to the contact person of the property
  6. Directly share the property with social media like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail and Google+ via their mobile social accounts.
  7. See your properties based on their device culture and your RPL languages.
  8. Edit their profile from mobile and update your profile image using their mobile camera or gallery.

Under development and future features:

  1. Notification when new properties become available for saved searches.
  2. The capability to write notes for each property
  3. Add events and appointments for each property
  4. Show nearby places of each property from public data bases like Google and Apple locations data base
  5. Preview each property via different routes.
  6. Property wizard for adding properties via your Android mobile.
  7. CRM feature.